Artist:Irina Lapenko
Statement:"My ceramic works can be called textile ceramics, I make wall objects using slab technique. I use two basic colors: white as a symbol of life, matter and existence which is fragile and dense at the same time. Blue is the beginning of everything, the all pervading space, the ocean. My work shows the interaction between these structures, and I am looking for new images in this process. I explore different surfaces, create the movement of lines , I observe the beauty of the moment. I tell short stories with the help of my sculptural objects. I am inspired by the sea element, northern landscapes and laconic forms.
In the work ""Transition"" the light flows into the darkness, one state into another, the opposites get connected. It tells about our difficult times and changes. The light parts are covered with decor protruding above the surface, the dark parts have holes. The work’s shape and look can be changed as it consists of 6 parts and can be exhibited in three ways."
Size:83 cm 38 cm