Artist:Hyun Kyung Yoon
Title:Indeterminate Lines 2021
Statement:My ceramic works are about frow. Indeterminate  lines symbolize the developing plant form and explore the perception of space by experimenting with the subject's proportion and shape.
My lines start with tubular  forms. I throw hollow rings and cut them into two to three pieces  and reorganize  them as completely  new structures. My form get more complicated  as a result of working with tubular  forms and multiple parts. I can use many parts  in combination  to symbolize the flow and growth  of plants. Sometimes  the resulting  form twist and turn to make slow curves, fast curves, or directional curves. I can creat curvilinear structure  encloing tremendous volumes of empty space. I formulate the shape  of negative  space in a three dimension  sculpture. Relating forms to each other and the space they  occupy informs my own work to create flow and movement.
My ceramic  art works share a common  interest  in Far Eastern Calligraphy, especially  in the cursive style  wherein kinetic tension  of growth, as well as contrast between  line and mass, elucidate the art of  brush stroke."
Country:South Korea