Artist:Dmitrij Buławka-Fankidejski
Title:Question about space
Statement:   I create a metamorphosis of the inner space of the lenses and distort the image transmitted through them. The  ceramic natural size statue element placed in the water creates a 'visual lie'. Its proportions are disturbed and its exact, actual location inside the lens is disturbed. I invite the viewer to perceptual penetration of this interior. The presence of the recipient in the space of the piece is important to me but also the space around it. The transparent object has a spatial universe. When thinking about sculpture I take into account time to make the work of art as changeable as I am. It should be all the time transformation process. An important element is the process of creating sculptures. The fire that preserves ceramic objects leaves its mark on them. I approach creativity as a challenge, the greater the challenge, the greater the pleasure of creating. I started working on the "Question about space" installation series in 2016. In the photo I present a new version of this realization from 2020, the show is still evolving and its visual context is changing.
   As a sculptor, I am interested in the perception of the surrounding space. I resculpt the surroundings through the transparent form of my installation and place a natural-size ceramic figure inside. The flexible coating builds a barrier against the outside world, and the transparent liquid creates a parallel world with an unexplored form. We live in many worlds that we create with our senses, and the image we create is never complete. The figure suspended inside the lens is the stopping point and the overloaded world rushes on ...

Size:120 cm diameter/depth 55 cm