Artist:Anca Ion
Title:Field of Biodiversity
Statement:In my work of ceramic about biodiversity is reflected the life of the butterfly, surrounded by healthy moss with a very intense green color and plants that show us the nature in all its splendor. In one of my pieces of ceramic I have shown the healthy part of ecosystem and its alteration, where there is no life and where the community cannot develop.I have created pieces of different shapes, circular cylinder with double wall made on the wheel throwing, S-shaped designed reflecting the biodiversity fields, trees of great heights and many other shapes that are forms of nature in which born the vegetation, the moss and the butterflies’ appearance, all this to create the biodiversity.
The human mission is to protect the biodiversity, that the life continues to flourish.
The materials used in my work are: high temperature white and red paste, porcelain, clays that reach a temperature between 1260آ؛-1280آ؛ in the second firing, pigments and oxides, high temperature matt transparent glaze and the colored one prepared with transparent and red clay of low temperature.
Size:22x30x20 cm