Artist:Ajaysingh Bhadoriya
Title:Old Fashioned
Statement:My art practice is an expression of my experiences and my surroundings. It expresses a subtle transformation of the surrounding elements into an archive of my memories and experiences of a place through the architectural and natural spheres.  Through the transformation, I try to create a space that amalgamates a new perspective of seeing things and perceiving them. It often involves forming and de-forming of a specific form to depict my surrounding through my personal perspective. My works display an essence of my surrounding which is very common to the eye but the ways of seeing it differs. Through mediums, I try to play with the representation and create a sense of existence; parallel to the space I create. This way I often become the collector as well as an exhibitor of those intimate memories depiction the essence of a place.
The work indulges a conscious amalgamation of the manmade and the natural elements to create the impression of my surrounding. The process of my work accompanies by the material I choose. Clay is my main medium to work with and is also a representation of my surroundings and households. It is a miniature version of an element of the space that creates the ambiance in a given space."