Artist:Agnes Duerrschnabel
Title:Out !!
Statement:As a woman I feel very affected by all the injustices, suppressions, aggressions that happen over and over again to my gender, in any part of the world. In particular, the fate of Afghan women is very close to my heart. We cannot accept what is happening to them, we must work for a change!!
So I created this stoneware container, a prison from which one can actually only hope to escape. A bad place.The images of veiled locked up women without freedom flow on the glazed  inner surface; the outside is crossed by a wire net and the whole building is partly damaged - you can see there was a conflict.  The hands of the women  are trying to open the net from the inside, others try to reach the end of the wall. Their fingers send energy and hope (the thin red lines) outwards, where the rest of the body cannot yet follow. Someone already succeeded, standing in front of the wire, looking back to those that are still left behind.
 Hands are the beginning of change. I hope so much they will make it!
About the making: Slabbuilt, wire textured; with inserts of small glazed porcelain chips and special steal wire (fired). Outside: stains and thin transparent glaze. Inside: shiny very light blue glaze.
Images of veiled women: iron oxid decals, fixed on the glazed inside in the 3. firing.
Size:Height 30 cm ca. (including wire pieces)  x length 20 cm x 12 cm width