Sheema Khan from Pakistan

(Free will)

Terrcoted figure and printed paper


Artist Statement:

I fell in love with Ceramic when I was making multiple editions of 3D heads in 2013. It took a lot of time.

My feelings ...  Clay is pure and has capacity to mold according to your thoughts and it always responds well.

It is particular body of work created on casting human figure and engraving drawing on ceramic pieces like a magical treatment of light and shades through scratching on Clay tiles.

Conceptually I am exploring the reality of human as subjective because despite trying to stop affectionate world that they are part of change. The relation as human and its continuous strength of changing world and expression of behavior.

For me freewill is subjective to interpret of emotions, opinion and decision.

Humans are like subject and created this piece symbolically by casting human figure and continually adjusting their hands and legs like 3D puzzle.