Samar Mogharbel from LEBANON

Statement for the recent works:

My work is always linked to our Lebanese never ending problems...It started with the idea of physical gravity, to free clay from direct physical handling. Is it the free will of the clay? With minimal handling in the making of the forms, I let the soft clay lead me, rather than the clay being formed intentionally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our huge economic collapse, and the soaring of imported clay, I turned to Lebanese dug out local clays, I mixed local and imported clay to strengthen my medium... Which resulted in a personal unglazed “Art de triomphe". Art is the true creative revolution that should start in every one of us, and it shall win. We can see in many countries around the world Triumphal arches, this is my interpretation of triumphal arch, it will be realized in a huge replica, as to be able to pass under it!

What a triumph!