Ljubica Lovrenc from Croatia


The artist's statement

Nature and colors are very important in my real life and artwork. They make me positive, open mind and optimistic. My main motto in life is Think Pink and that motto runs through all my works. Through ceramics I express the artistic part of my personality, my experience of everything that surrounds me, and especially the nature, whit which I try to surround myself as often as possible and that I find particularly inspiring. In fact, nature is my permanent source of inspiration. Since the beginning, I prefer smaller forms, use of colors and combining different kind of clay and porcelain with other materials, such as wire, wool, glass, scrap metal, scrap of terracotta, dry clay, wood etc. I am particularly fascinated by the various shapes, structures, surfaces, and colors I can find in the nature and I try to transfer this fascination and association into clay. My favorite shape is a sphere, as a symbol of the planet earth and I often use it to express my ideas ... and all this can be seen in the works whose photographs follow…;


 My free will is to be good even when people think it's stupid, to be positive and optimistic even when it's not always like that, and not easy, to forgive and believe in happy endings. I can be that because I am an independent woman who loves every form of life, does not belong to any religion, political party, or lobby....and ceramics is the medium into which I bring my soul .... not black and white, but full of colors.

Work: Stratum 2020

 Stratum =/n geology and related fields/ stratum (plural: strata) is a layer of sedimentary rock or soil with internally consistent characteristics that distinguish it from other layers

Each layer is generally one of a number of parallel layers that lie one upon another, laid down by natural processes. Strata are typically seen as bands of different colored or differently structured material exposed in cliffs, road cuts, quarries, and river banks. Each band represents a specific mode of deposition: river silt, beach sand, coal swamp, sand dune, lava bed, etc.

The World we are living in, also consists of many layers, layers of good and evil, beautiful, and ugly, poor and rich, smart and stupid, uneducated and educated, primitive and aware… But I Think Pink because it's my free will .... and  „Stratum 2020“is just an attempt to show layers on my way. Work is installation of hand shaped forms, from chamotte clay, colorized clay, partially glazed, with addition of wire and wood.