Karmy Lassaad from Tunisia
I'm Karmy Lassaad  .. plastic artist .. obtained a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts in Nabeul Tunis .. Specialization in oil painting .. Since my childhood I had very great tendencies towards drawing, coloring and expressing it .. When I was young I was very shy.  I leaned more towards expression through drawing ... and this is what developed through artistic tendencies .. through it I was able to own a world of my own .. In this way I was able, over the years, to get rid of excessive shyness .. I participated in many and many exhibitions in my educational career.  Within the plastic associations and clubs ... this love continued with university guidance and then specializing more in artistic and craft ceramics .. When I studied this specialty after graduation in a model center that is the largest on the African level in terms of size and capabilities .. The Flame Arts Center in Nabeul.  This specialty in ceramics opened my eyes to a different world than the first.  How not, while we are studying at university, we study many great artists like Picasso, who entered the world of ceramics and accomplished many wonderful ceramic works ... The world of ceramics was very vast .. My humble experience is  considered great, as it began in 2011 and will continue until the last day of  My life ... ceramics is more than just a craft of ceramics, a world in itself ... I have had many participation in professional, national and international exhibitions and artistic events.  I started in 2006 with the artistic association in which I have been active since that time until now, which is the Anir Society for Plastic Arts .. I also had a participation in the Euro-Mediterranean Biennale in Nabeul in 2019 and many different collective art exhibitions ... the last of which was an international exhibition at Khair El Din Gallery  In Tunis, 2020

“The Innocence of a Child”

Year: 2020


45x55 cm