introduce Transformation Virtual Ceramic Eexhibition

Goals of Bon Art Project
Due to the corona pandemic with a new variety, many countries, including Iran, are terrible situation. Therefore, the "Bon Art Project” team decided to hold a third event to inspire and motivate and raise the confidence of the artists. The” Bon Art Project” is an independent group from Iran that seeks to keep the spirit and creativity of ceramic artists by holding professional virtual exhibitions, online symposiums, and international meetings. The essential thing occurs to understand that together we can alter the situation. Thus "Transformation" is the theme of this open call.
Theme description:
“Transformation” is a word that we repeatedly experience in our lives. Throughout our existence, from biological change to technological alter. Transformation is a fundamental and necessary change that sometimes occurs gradually and sometimes suddenly and quickly. The transformation has many references, such as science, civilization, culture, and art. You can find numerous examples. In society, Transformation is the melting of traditional ideas, beliefs, and behaviors, then establishing intellectual policies. We chose this theme because, Ceramic artists are familiar with the concept of transformation. They learn adequately how their material alterations moment by moment. They can even predict and control the effects of it.
Submission fee
❖ Deadline: October 3,2021
❖ Announcing the names of the selected artists for the virtual Exhibition : October 7, 2021
❖ Opening virtual exhibition: October 10, 2021
❖ Uploading all selected artworks on website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel: October 18-19, 2021
❖ Sending all certificate to participate by email: October 20, 2021
❖ Announcing the winner: October 22, 2021
❖ Uploading e-catalog on website: November 10, 2021
❖ Post awards: November 18,2021

Submission process
The submission form is mere online. “Please don’t send your information by email or other way”.

Click Here:   Submission Online Form

❖ We will select 5 artists as winner.
Awards: Physical medallion, Statue, printed catalog and special certificate.
Important points:
❖ This open call is international for ceramic artist in the world.
❖ Please send photos with high quality (300 pixel/inch)
❖ Background photos should be white, black, or gray except for an exceptional layout with a different background that marks the completion of the concept of work.
❖ The reasonable connection between the theme and the work presented (even the title and statement) is a significant consideration in selecting works.

Arezu Zargar




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